About Us

MON-X International
has been involved
in projects from Moscow to Montreal and has always been successfull in fullfilling all of its obligations to the owners and contractors with its usual degree of professionalism.

Superior craftmanship and quality materials are the hallmark of MON-X International. Behind every MON-X International project is a standing reputation as a supplier of custom high quality products.


MON-X International's designers offer
the architects and contractors high
quality products with aesthetically
superb appearances.
Some of the products that MON-X International is proud to be associated with are entrances, sconces, railings, columns and many other products.


MON-X International provides glass products that can be cast according to the architects and designers' requirements so as to allow a freedom of expression and flexibility not seen in the glass industry.
Some of the products cast are sinks, doors, skylights and sconces to name a few.